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Raspberry Pi 3 Giveaway – Free Shipping

by on Mar.03, 2016, under Electronic Projects, General Statements, Raspberry Pi, STUFF!!!!

Our friends at Random Nerd Tutorials are giving away a free raspberry pi 3 this month ( March 2016 ). Click on the link below to try your and at Lady Luck.

Win a Raspberry Pi 3

Till next time, thanks for your time.


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Netgear SC-101 NAS Drive ( For Sale …Oh Hell-Give away!!!!! )

by on Aug.05, 2013, under FOR SALE, General Statements




Netgear SC-101 NAS Drive ( For Sale …Oh Hell-Give away!!!!! )

I have a Netgear NAS drive. Should just needs drives and Netgear only has windows drivers.

The drives need to be of the older style IDE interface.


I would like to trade it for something…but not sure it is worth that much.

So, if you want it, just let me know and we can get it sent out…shipping this in North America will cost about $22.

If interested let me know.

Till next time keep going outside and seeing if the sky has fallen.

P.S. A word of advise for this or any other NAS system you wish to use….put it on a UPS ( Uninterruptible power supply ). You will be happier if you do….



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Vonage V-Portal x2 For Sale

by on Aug.05, 2013, under FOR SALE, General Statements


Vonage V-Portal x2 For Sale

I have two Vonage V-Portal ‘s for sale.

Used them at the small shop I had…but sense then moved on to a Cable TV phone.

I am asking $15 each or two for $25 for both. (Offers/trades are welcome )

The cost to ship one will be about $16 in North America. Or about $25 to ship both. ( Canada Post not cheap to ship by. )

If interested let me know.

Thanks for your time…..enjoy the day.

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Given away!!! Magazines to Give a way!!!! Electronic Magazines. Nuts and Volts, Circuit Cellar, and some I do not remember.

by on Jun.27, 2013, under FOR SALE, General Statements

Thanks for the interest.

All the magazines have given away to a good home. Thanks for the interest.

Hi All

I am cleaning out my garage and have a lot of magazines to give away.

Nuts and Volts from 1996 to 2002.(missing 1996-1,2,3; 1997-1) Actually tried to find someone to do a picture scan of these, as they are not available in electronic form. But I had no luck. So now giving them away.  Would like them to go to a electronics club in Alberta, Canada…..but can’t find one.  So if you want them, or know of someone who would want them, comment to this post and we can figure out some thing.

This offer is good for the month of July  2013, then they go on freecycle or something(bond-fire with wiener roast afterwards….who knows).

Other magazines, with sporadic issues are:

Popular Electronics

Radio Electronics

Circuit Cellaur

And other I can’t remember at this time.

Till next time, thanks for your time.





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Magnic Light Upddate

by on Mar.28, 2012, under Electronic Projects, General Statements



Not so magical as I was hoping……

Now I know the above is true , as I used the same concept to read the spinning blades of a fluid turbine, rotation of  a gear in a diesel engine to indicate RPM.

A magnetic inductive pickup achieve this. (just never thought of it working with non-metalic materials) Here is a link to a magnetic inductive pickup works. Click Here (first two pages)

An Inductive pickup is a coil of wire wrapped around a circular magnetic rod. This device sends out a electrical pulse for every other peek and valley of a gear or blades. The receiving meter see the pulse and uses to either measure a volume or indicate speed.

Oh well….

The more  I thought about the Magnic Light and how it works, I pretty much see the concept in a lot of industrial and commercial products salesman try to sell me on a monthly bases.

I do give the makers of this product kudos for taking a very old concept and coming up with a new application and product ideas, and also spending the time to get the energy out of the system to light the LEDs.

It got my mind working on many products I will have to explore, this I thank them.

 Till Next time, thanks for your time.

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Magnic Light

by on Mar.27, 2012, under Electronic Projects, General Statements

The Rambling:

I stumbled upon the  project Magnic Light on kickstarter.com.

The light is designed for pedal bikes to give light from a non contact dynamo.  The idea is pretty dam interesting.  A non-contact energy transfer to create enough current and voltage to light a high efficiency LED or two.

The concept by there site ( magniclight.com and on kickstarter.com) mention the  phenomenon of eddy currents.  They even mention to go to youtube for some demonstrations of eddy currents.

After looking at the video of there product pitch I got to thinking on how this would be possible.  Did a lot of searching the net and found nothing but “this is cool”, “I want one”, “it is a fraud”, “I am a engineer and this is not possible, there must be a battery”…. the list goes on, but really no explanation , but a couple of ideas on how it might work.  But no one actually hit the nail on the head to why this would work.  I think I have the basic concept figured out….more on that to come later.

For a explanation of eddy currents head over to wiki  and  youtube.

The Problem:

Eddy currents are viewed as a steady field and only by changing the strength of the magnetic field do they increase or decrease.

The problem with this is in order to create a voltage pulse from the coil you need a changing  magnetic field.  So working with basically a static magnetic field created by the magnets and a constant eddy currents, you do not get the desired pulse.

All the videos for eddy current only show a drag created by magnetic field. So some thinking had to be done….thankfully a lot of clues from the Magnic Light video lead me down a path to where I think I am correct on how it can work. Going on my thoughts I figured that the magnetic field has to be changing to induce a pulse through a coil of wire to produce voltage and current to light the LED.

Now the big idea I have on how I believe it  works:

The SPOKES are the key!!!!!

My whole concept is that the spokes change the eddy currents and magnetic field enough to create the changes required to create the voltage and current to light the LED.  This would happen as the larger amount of metal goes by the magnetic field created by the magnets it will change as the eddy current increase.  I am going to test the idea when I get my magnets come in and I get a bicycle wheel from a friend to see if this theory is true.

Other Ramblings:

Why 2 LEDs? I believe this is done to maximize on the coil/s output. The induced change in magnetic field it will produce a sin wave output of voltage and current. So if the LEDs are inserted in the circuit opposite polarity they become a rectifier and create a unfiltered DC voltage.

What type of magnets to use and are the North’s facing the same way or opposite? Well not sure but they look like rectangle units about 1 inch long, but will have to play to find out.

How are the windings orientated in relation to the magnetic field created by the magnets?  I will have to play to with it to see.

The number of coils?  Again after looking at there video, I believe only one. It looks like it is wound on a single spindle before the magnetic are inserted.

Size for wire for the coil?  Again will start with a small gauge wire and do as many wraps as I to fit the spool size I think they are using.

I am very excited about this and hoping to see some great results for this idea.  I thinking of so many other places this idea could be used for the hobbyist ( and in other ventures if the patent they are working will allow it).

 Till Next time, thanks for your time.



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Test Posting with My Android Tablet

by on Feb.12, 2012, under General Statements

Well, today I started the setup the tablet for a more frequent postings.
Well off to see what it looks like on the pages.

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Lighting for your next party….

by on Apr.10, 2009, under General Statements

Free lighting for your next outdoor party

Free lighting for your next outdoor party

Field of lights
Hackaday article on Field of lights
Another link but with more picutres

I remember years ago after a good night of drinking going out with florescent tubes and it was a great way to impress the ladies with some electrical magic.  After doing the trick afew times, it donned on me this may not a be good thing…moved the next week to a area without large power lines running close to my home.

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Now this one I believe on climate change!!!!

by on Mar.11, 2009, under General Statements

Have a look at this blog at POPSCI magazine:Global warming blog

I like this article on the thoughts of climate change. I believe this more than most articles I have read.

My theory is that what is happening is natural. The planet earth’s ice is melting like it should. And it will happen faster every year. It has to happen this way….or we would have never gotten out of the ice age.

You take room full of ice and surround it with say a 20 C temperature.

Now in time the ice will melt. More ice melts the faster it will melt. Faster it melts the warmer it gets in the room…faster it melts.  This is what is happening with the glaciers and other ice bodies in our world.

In time the rooms temperature will stabilize.

A experiment you can do  if you have a food scale and a small block of ice.  Place the ice on the scale and not the time and weight. Now wait 15 minutes and mark down the time and the weight…keep doing this till the ice is gone. You will find in every 15 minutes the ratio of ice left over the measurement before will become larger every time increment.

So pretty much more ice melts every 15 minute segment then the last 15 minutes segment.

Again, just my thoughts.


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Dam Cold Out Side!!!

by on Mar.09, 2009, under General Statements

Today was a good day to give thanks for warm homes and reliable automobiles.

The thought above make one start to think about the technology of this century. 90%+  efficient furnaces and the electronics that make them so.

Before upgrading our furance we had a 25 year old furnance that worked great even though it was only about 60 percent effiecent.

We had added a Furance Buddy which controlled the temperature of the heat exchanger, this helped the furance go from 60% effiency to about 80% effienct.

Which is a big savings for adding a controller that cost about $300. The installation was easy and fast.  It was a great DIY for someone who can handle a screwdriver and drill one hole.

The unit pretty much paid for itself in one cold Canada winter.

So here I am with a new furance and no more use for the Furance Buddy.

So if you read this have a look at my page showing what I have for sale. Looking to get $50 for it.

Thanks for reading my words.

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