Netgear SC-101 NAS Drive ( For Sale …Oh Hell-Give away!!!!! )

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Netgear SC-101 NAS Drive ( For Sale …Oh Hell-Give away!!!!! )

I have a Netgear NAS drive. Should just needs drives and Netgear only has windows drivers.

The drives need to be of the older style IDE interface.


I would like to trade it for something…but not sure it is worth that much.

So, if you want it, just let me know and we can get it sent out…shipping this in North America will cost about $22.

If interested let me know.

Till next time keep going outside and seeing if the sky has fallen.

P.S. A word of advise for this or any other NAS system you wish to use….put it on a UPS ( Uninterruptible power supply ). You will be happier if you do….



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Vonage V-Portal x2 For Sale

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Vonage V-Portal x2 For Sale

I have two Vonage V-Portal ‘s for sale.

Used them at the small shop I had…but sense then moved on to a Cable TV phone.

I am asking $15 each or two for $25 for both. (Offers/trades are welcome )

The cost to ship one will be about $16 in North America. Or about $25 to ship both. ( Canada Post not cheap to ship by. )

If interested let me know.

Thanks for your time…..enjoy the day.

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SitePlayer SPK1 Kit with Three Modules ( For Sale )

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SitePlayer SPK1 Kit with Three Modules ( For Sale )

I have three modules and the SPK1 kit.

This is one of the original kits and modules. Used it do develop a system for utilities monitoring many moons ago.

I am willing to let it all go for $20. If interested it will cost about $16 to ship any where in North America.

As to the condition of modules, I believe they are all working.

There is not power supply with the kit, but can be power from almost any wall wart with a voltage above 7.5 volts with a barrel plug with center +. (on board regulator is a 78xx style linear regulator)

So if you are interested, comment below and I will get back to you.

Till next time, have fun and step out of the box….it is not a trap!!!!!



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Given away!!! Magazines to Give a way!!!! Electronic Magazines. Nuts and Volts, Circuit Cellar, and some I do not remember.

by on Jun.27, 2013, under FOR SALE, General Statements

Thanks for the interest.

All the magazines have given away to a good home. Thanks for the interest.

Hi All

I am cleaning out my garage and have a lot of magazines to give away.

Nuts and Volts from 1996 to 2002.(missing 1996-1,2,3; 1997-1) Actually tried to find someone to do a picture scan of these, as they are not available in electronic form. But I had no luck. So now giving them away.  Would like them to go to a electronics club in Alberta, Canada…..but can’t find one.  So if you want them, or know of someone who would want them, comment to this post and we can figure out some thing.

This offer is good for the month of July  2013, then they go on freecycle or something(bond-fire with wiener roast afterwards….who knows).

Other magazines, with sporadic issues are:

Popular Electronics

Radio Electronics

Circuit Cellaur

And other I can’t remember at this time.

Till next time, thanks for your time.





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4-20ma Sensor Simulator

by on Feb.13, 2012, under Electronic Projects, FOR SALE, SCADA

Having a  need for a cheap simple 4-20ma sensor simulator and not finding any on the web, decided to design and build one.

To achieve this I used the XTR-117 driver by Texas Instruments

XTR-117 Data Page

I learned a few things when building this unit. One is that surface mount soldering is not as easy as one thinks, Not impossible, but harder then the good old through hole I was trained on oh so many years ago. Two, after learning I can do surface mount soldering and I am pretty good at it. But decided that the idea of a reflow oven would make the job even easier. So did a lot of reading and then bought a cheap toaster oven and downloaded the temperature curve for the solder paste I bought of Ebay.

After getting the toaster oven out and doing a test run of the oven to make sure it would heat up fast then the curve described by the temperature curve of the solder paste. It did and then decided to go for a actual board test.(used my handy multimeter with its K type thermocouple as the temperature indicator.)

Laying out the solder paste using a tooth pick and placing the components on two test boards it was time to bake me some boards and solder.

With a my Iphone as the timer, temperature probe and the handy reflow curve I stared the process of my first reflow.

The whole process took less then 5 minutes for the reflow, but had to wait for about 15 minutes for the cool down…

They looked great, but the real test would be to finish solder in the other components and power them up.

The pictures above are of the one of the first units I did in the toaster oven, worked way better than I ever expected.


The next post on this little unit

The unit I built gives one approximate 4 ma steps from starting from 0 ma to 20 ma with couple of extra features, one being a variable output and a way to add in a external resistive sensor.

The idea I had for the external resistive sensor was to use a photocell in the 40-100 kohm range. This allowed the unit to give a different reading through the day.

The only problem with the unit is it can not be calibrated.(way to small to add in calibration pots for each level. 1.5″x1.25″)

More to come on this project, such as the simple design, using a toaster oven as a reflow oven, and if you really need some what it will to get some.

Till next time thanks for your time.




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