RTD Simulator using dip switches and SMD resistors or basic decade box!!!

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Decade box (RTD Simultator) using dip switched and SMD resistors.

To start off I did not come up with this idea.

(Search on Hackaday dot com or Thinkcreate).

I work in a world of instrumentation and we have field techs who do not like to return shiny expensive equipment when they leave our employment, so came up with a cheaper and less shiny looking device and may be they will not want to take it as there own.

This is the schematic:

decade box smd


Very basic but brilliant design. If you take 1,2, and two 3 ohm resistors you can make each value between 0-9 ohms. Just increase each back by x10 to create your decade box.

For me I started at 0.1,0.2 and 0.3. I wanted to build RTD simulator.(This also creates a 999.9 ohm Decade box)

Now I tried a new PCB maker. Dirtypcbs.com. They have a 5cm x 5cm board size $14.00 with free shipping. (Took 1 month receive my boards from the China)

They say you may get 10 boards or less or more, I got lucky and got 12. Should have bought a lottery ticket that day… 🙂

They came in a nice little box and shrink wrapped like this:


I am a cheap bastard and like to get the most for my money, so I put two decade units on my main board to use up the 5cm x 5cm board.



My thoughts was to cut them into separate boards, but then came up with a better idea.  Make a high and low side for testing the span on the transmitters we work with.

Also if you want to create a full decade box you could by daisy chaining the two units on the board to give you 8 x10 ranges like below.

Dip 1=.9 ohms, dip 2=9 ohms, dip 3=90 ohms, dip 4=900 ohms, dip 4=9 kohms, dip 5=90 kohms, dip 6=900 kohms, dip 7= 9 mohms and dip 8=90 mohms. (99999999.9 ohms)

Or adjust the resistor values to your requirements. (Try to use 0.1 to 0.5 % resistors for the lower ranges, and 1% for the higher)

My Dual range RTD Simulator:

IMG_8714 IMG_8715 IMG_8713


You can purchase boards from Dirtypcbs.com using this link:




All resistors are 0805 SMD

My Digikey order per Side (double your order for a dual range unit):

1   CRL0805-FW-R100ELFCT-ND .1 ohm resistor 805 R1
1   CRL0805-FW-R200ELFCT-ND .2 ohm resistor 805 R2
2   CRL0805-FW-R300ELFCT-ND .3 ohm resistor 805 R3/R4

1   311-1.00CRCT-ND 1 ohm resistor 805 R5
1   311-2.00CRCT-ND 2 ohm resistor 805 R6
2   311-3.00CRCT-ND 3 ohm resistor 805 R7/R7

1   311-10.0CRCT-ND 10 ohm resistor 805 R8
1   311-20.0CRCT-ND 20 ohm resistor 805 R9
2   311-30.0CRCT-ND 30 ohm resistor 805 R10/R11

1   CR0805-FX-1000ELFCT-ND 100 ohm resistor 805 R12
1   CR0805-FX-2000ELFCT-ND 200 ohm resistor 805 R13
2   CR0805-FX-3000ELFCT-ND 300 ohm resistor 805 R14/R15

4   GH7170-ND 4 position rocker switch SW1/2/3/4

1   WM4393-ND Terminal dual X1


I would recommend a Gold contact switch if you are decide to make the dual range unit. (Digikey part 360-1181-ND)

I am very pleased on how this proof of concept project turned out. I also hope it helps you on one of your projects.

Till next time, Thanks for your time.











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